Seven members of the Think Big pathway leaders group standing against a neutral backgroud
Pictured (left to right): Blanton Tolbert; John Paul (JP) Stephens; Carolyn Gregory; Tyler Reimschisel; Maggie Popkin; Mark Griswold; Suzanne Rivera; and Julian Rogers

Provost Ben Vinson III announces Think Big Pathway Leaders

As Case Western Reserve University moves forward with its Think Big strategic plan, a team of faculty and staff members have been tapped to serve as “Pathway Leaders.”

The plan, which formally launched during an event Nov. 19, outlines a new North Star for the university and sets forth four visionary “pathways.”

The Pathway Leaders will serve two roles: advisors to the provost to advance the work of the pathways, and liaisons to the university community to discuss, gather ideas, and better understand how everyone can engage with the Think Big strategic plan.

“These eight individuals represent many facets of our university community,” Provost Vinson said. “We could not be more pleased with their willingness to assist us in moving Think Big—and Case Western Reserve University—forward.”

Two individuals lead each pathway:

  • Pathway 1: Ignite Interdisciplinarity—Suzanne Rivera, vice president for research and technology management, and Blanton S. Tolbert, professor of chemistry
  • Pathway 2: Integrate Humanity and Technology—Mark Griswold, professor of radiology, and Maggie Popkin, Robson Junior Professor and associate professor of art history
  • Pathway 3: Achieve Social Impact—Tyler Reimschisel, founding associate provost for interprofessional education, and Julian Rogers, executive director of local government and community relations
  • Pathway 4: Shape the Agora—Carolyn Gregory, vice president for human resources, and John Paul (JP) Stephens, associate professor of organizational behavior.

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