Team of medical professionals meeting

Propose interprofessional and interdisciplinary educational opportunities

The Office of Interprofessional and Interdisciplinary Education and Research is calling for proposals from faculty and students to design and offer voluntary experiences in which students from multiple professions and disciplines can participate. These could include a series of evening classes, a single workshop or seminar, an experiential opportunity in the community or clinic setting, or any other educational experience that will appeal to individuals across multiple professions or disciplines. For example, next semester there will be an interprofessional leadership series composed of several two-hour team-building experiences at the Cleveland Museum of Art.

All proposals for interprofessional or interdisciplinary academic activities must include at least one faculty member and proposals that include student instructors will be given special consideration. Administrative support and limited funding will be available to create, implement and evaluate these experiences. (Funding is not available for faculty effort.) Each proposal should include the following elements: 

  • Title;
  • Names of instructors and their schools/programs;
  • Purpose of the experience;
  • Brief description of the content and format of the experience; and 
  • Budget (if applicable).

Proposals are due by Monday, Dec. 6, and can be sent to Questions about this initiative can be directed to Tyler Reimschisel, founding associate provost, at