Photo of Donald E. Schuele

Professor Emeritus Donald E. Schuele passes away

Photo of Donald E. Schuele

Donald E. Schuele, the Albert A. Michelson Professor Emeritus of Physics, passed away on Saturday, Dec. 19, from issues related to COVID-19.

Schuele received his doctorate degree in physics from the Case Institute of Technology in 1963 and soon after began teaching at his alma mater. In 1976, he took over as chairman of the physics department. Five years later, he was appointed vice-dean of the Case Institute of Technology and, in 1984, was named dean. With later administrative reorganizations of the undergraduate program, Schuele returned to the faculty, continuing his research and teaching.

His research focused on physical thermal, and electrical properties of materials with the goal to relate the microscopic interactions with the macroscopic measurements. Schuele was always interested in the physics of sports. In the 1980s, he served as a member of the Sports Equipment Technology Committee of the U.S. Olympic Committee.

After his retirement in 2006, Schuele maintained a lab on campus to continue his work with students. In 2019, the Case Alumni Association honored him with its Distinguished Service Award.

Watch a video of his interview with the Case Alumni Association.