Professor Deepak Sarma writes about and discusses Hindu bioethics

Deepak Sarma, professor of religious studies at the College of Arts and Sciences and professor of bioethics at the School of Medicine, recently wrote an article titled “Volunteering for a Covid Vaccine Trial: Fulfilling Hindu Obligations or Fostering Pharmaceutical Company Profits?”

Published by the Hastings Center Ethics Research Institute, the article addresses the challenge of fulfilling Hindu dharma to enroll in the trial with the knowledge that Moderna will profit from my religious obligation. Read the piece.

Discussions, the Undergraduate Research Journal of Case Western Reserve University, also recently interviewed Sarma about his work and interest in Hindu bioethics, and his long and provocative academic journey.

This recent interview concerned Hinduism, Hindu bioethics, COVID-19, and the exclusion of Hindu bioethics by most bioethicists and bioethical conversations.