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Professional Development Center to host several training sessions in March

The Professional Development Center hosts training sessions for Case Western Reserve University staff and faculty on a wide range of topics. In March, the center will offer trainings on resilience and performance management, as well as Supervisor Orientation and the first session of a new training titled “High Performance Culture: Soft Elements.”

To register for each of these sessions and to see a full list of offered trainings, visit the Professional Development Center’s online calendar.

Resilience Advantage Series

Two sessions of the Resilience Advantage Series will be held in March.

“The Resilience Advantage: Part I”

March 6
9 a.m. to noon

In this workshop, participants will learn what “resilience” means and how to create more of it—it takes more than intention.

Too much stress impacts thinking and performance and creates conditions in which people can’t be their best. Understanding how to manage that space means a healthy, more productive person.

Using the science of HeartMath, attendees will learn about the role the heart and brain play and how to respond differently to stressful situations.

“The Resilience Advantage: Part II”

March 20
9 a.m. to noon

This sequel will build upon the materials and techniques participants learned in the first session by exploring several new techniques to build resilience.

Attendees also will learn how to increase their capacity to react, respond and optimize the heart-brain connection to be more intuitive, agile, and innovative.

“Evaluating Performance”

March 14
8 a.m. to noon

Great managers talk about performance with their employees consistently and constantly.

In this four-hour course, participants will learn about every aspect of the performance management cycle, including setting clear expectations, creating goals, giving feedback, coaching and evaluating performance.

The group will practice skills related to each aspect of the cycle and review the human resources paperwork around evaluating performance.

Supervisor Orientation

March 26
8:15 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Supervisor Orientation is a daylong session targeted at employees who have recently started a supervisory role at Case Western Reserve University.

Participants will attend several workshops throughout the day, providing them with the skills and knowledge necessary to start their new roles successfully.

This orientation is the first part of a year-long new supervisor onboarding process that includes monthly networking lunches, trainings and more. Participants in this event agree to participate in the year-long program.

All staff and faculty who have started their first CWRU supervisory role within the last year—including external hires, internal hires and internal promotions—are welcome to attend, whether or not they have previous supervisory experience.

“High Performance Culture: Soft Elements”

March 28
9 a.m. to noon

A high performance culture is one in which employees are able to thrive and teams achieve superior results. But a high performance culture doesn’t usually happen by accident; it requires purposeful planning and implementation.

In this three-hour training, participants will focus on how to incorporate the soft elements of high performance—including trust, recognition and more—into our workplaces.