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“Promoting Smoking Cessation by Addressing Food Insecurity in Cleveland and Beyond”

The Prevention Research Center for Healthy Neighborhoods (PRCHN) will host its next Seminar Series event, titled “Promoting Smoking Cessation by Addressing Food Insecurity in Cleveland and Beyond,” Wednesday, May 11, at noon via Zoom.

Cigarette smoking prevalence among lower-income adults is three times as high as among higher-income adults. This is mainly due to disparities in successful quitting, rather than interest in quitting or quit attempts. Many people with socioeconomic disadvantage who smoke also live with unmet basic needs, such as food insecurity, that can complicate cessation efforts, but basic needs are generally not addressed in cessation interventions.

In this seminar presentation, Jin Kim-Mozeleski, assistant professor in the School of Medicine’s Department of Population and Quantitative Health Sciences, will discuss burgeoning work that aims to address smoking disparities by attention to food insecurity as a key social determinant of health behavior. She will present on two ongoing Cleveland-based pilot intervention studies to inform next steps in reducing smoking in Cleveland and beyond.

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