Close-up photo of a man's eye

PRCHN Seminar: “Community-Based Perspectives on Eye Health and Vision Care in Cleveland”

Access to adequate vision care is necessary to maintain healthy eyesight but is not always attainable due to barriers or misconceptions about eye health. Together with the Prevention Research Center for Healthy Neighborhoods (PRCHN) and University Settlement, Team Cooke Bailey designed the All Eyes on Us (AEOU) Study to incorporate community, diversity and lived experience to understand participants’ perceptions of and barriers to seeking vision care in Cleveland. 

Interviews with 60 individuals from the Broadway-Slavic Village neighborhood were transcribed and coded for thematic elements focused on the individuals’ personal and perceived experience(s) with vision care and eye health. 

At the next PRCHN Seminar Series event, speakers will highlight the importance of community-engaged research for health and genetic studies by discussing successes, barriers, challenges, and lessons learned from the AEOU Study.

This session, titled “Community-Based Perspectives on Eye Health and Vision Care in Cleveland,” will be held Wednesday, Feb. 9, at noon via Zoom.

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About the series

The PRCHN seminars feature presentations by researchers and partners focused on community-engaged work that aims to improve health in historically underserved communities. All community members and organizations and Case Western Reserve University staff, faculty and students are welcome to register to attend.