Political Science’s Justin Buchler talks about his expectations for November ballot

There’s already confusion over the abortion ballot language in Ohio. It’s going to get worse
ideastreamJustin Buchler, associate professor of political science, said he expects plenty of confusing memes, ads, mailers and more to come in advance of this November’s ballot measure on abortion rights, noting there’s little benefit for the “no” side when voters are confused. He said the best way for voters to sift through the confusion is to turn to trusted interest groups that share their opinion. “When it comes to abortion, the vast majority of voters have a pretty coherent opinion. And that means that even if they can’t parse the language of a ballot proposition, all they really need is for a trusted interest group to tell them, ‘If you are pro-choice, vote one way, if you are pro-life, vote another,'” Buchler said.