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Phone consultations, other help available for faculty and staff

During our current circumstances as a result of the pandemic, CWRU’s employee assistance program provider, IMPACT Solutions, is here to help.  Impact Solutions provides access to qualified daily living specialists and mental health professionals to assist you with all that matters.

If you need help:

  1. Go to the IMPACT Solutions website:
  2. Click on the orange box labeled: “Go to member login.”
  3. At “member login,” enter your username.  If you don’t remember the Username (member login as listed on CWRU Impact Solutions brochure), call 1.800.227.6007 for assistance.
  4. Click the “sign in” box.
  5. See the tiles below the webinar information and click on the Help tile.  You will be taken to their Online Request page. Follow the directions for either a phone consultation or to submit an online request for counseling or for a daily living referral.

For more information about IMPACT Solutions, call  800.227.6007 or visit