Philosophy’s Jeremy Bendik-Keymer completes long-term project for American Philosophical Association

Jeremy Bendik-Keymer, professor of philosophy at the College of Arts and Sciences, recently completed a nearly three-year project for the American Philosophical Association. Alongside Sidra Shahid from Amsterdam College and Katherine Cassese from Harvard College, Bendik-Keymer conducted in-depth public interviews and essays for the project.

Titled “Into Philosophy,” the project was a series of mini-series, composed of the following titles:

  • “Genealogies of Philosophy;” 
  • “Philosophy as a Way of Life;” 
  • “Starting Out in Philosophy;”
  • “Precarity and Philosophy;” and 
  • “On Congeniality.”

Across 45 posts and approximately 150,000 words, Bendik-Keymer, Shahid and Cassese produced a public-facing, deliberately long-form, yet finite series of posts. All throughout, they raised the question of the institutions and pathways supporting philosophy.

View the “Into Philosophy” archive.