Pedram Mohseni takes top honors with business plan to commercialize brain injury recovery technology

Pedram Mohseni, associate professor of electrical engineering and computer science at Case School of Engineering, and his research partner, Randolph J. Nudo, professor of molecular and integrative physiology at Kansas University Medical Center, recently took top honors for a business plan they crafted for the Medical Device Entrepreneur’s Forum at the American Society for Artificial Internal Organs annual conference. The conference was held June 15 in San Francisco.

Mohseni and Nudo offered a plan to commercialize their technology to enhance functional behavioral recovery from brain injury, which they have developed during the last five years. After a nationwide search, the forum’s panel, composed of experts in FDA requirements, technology development, venture capital, business and the medical device industry, chose the plan from submissions by three finalists. Mohseni and Nudo received a $5,000 award.

Their work has been funded by the U.S. Army Medical Research and Materiel Command and the American Heart Association over the last five years.