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Payroll updates local withholding taxes for participants of the Staff Hybrid Work Program

As of the Aug. 31 payroll, the university began basing local withholding taxes on the work location outlined in the Staff Hybrid Work Plan. 

Per an agreement with the local tax agencies, the distribution of salaries will be done on a percentage basis rather than actual hours worked. For example, one remote day per week is 20% to the resident city and 80% to Cleveland, two remote days per week is 40% to the resident city and 60% to Cleveland, etc. The resident city will be based on the home address in HCM. 

Employees should ensure their home address listed in HCM is current and notify the payroll office at if there are any changes.

The payroll office will work with the Hybrid Work Committee to implement any changes to your department’s Staff Hybrid Work Plan submitted by the Sept. 1 deadline and update the FAQs on the hybrid work website.