Payroll updates for Summer 2024

Faculty and staff of Case Western Reserve University should be aware of the following updates from the university’s Division of Finance.

Electronic W-2s

CWRU encourages all faculty and staff members to sign up to receive their W-2 in electronic format only. This request saves the university resources, allows W-2s to be created more quickly, moves to a greener environment, and reduces personal information in the U.S. mail system. Individuals only need to sign up once and they will receive all future W-2s through HCM Self-Service. Information on how to view and sign up for electronic W-2 can be found here.

Change of address

For all faculty and staff, whether or not you participate in a hybrid work schedule, please notify the Payroll Office at if you move to a new city after you have updated your address in HCM. This will ensure that local taxes are being sent to the correct home city, if you participate in a hybrid work schedule, and that local school district withholdings, if applicable, are accurate. 

Simply updating HCM with an employee’s new home address is not sufficient for tax or payroll purposes. When address change notifications are not timely, the Payroll Office cannot guarantee retroactive correction of prior year tax withholdings.