Participate in the 10-week Conservation Challenge

Working with the Student Sustainability Council, the Conservation Project is bringing Case Western Reserve University students the 10-Week Conservation Challenge. The goal of this challenge is to remind students of their power and encourage them to get involved in the conservation and sustainability movement. 

Each Friday through April 15, there will be an easy, yet impactful challenge students can participate in every week. Examples of challenges include sending letters to local elected officials about joining the Power a Clean Future Ohio campaign and eating five industrialized meat-free meals. 

For every challenge completed, the Conservation Project will donate a dollar to an Ohio-based environmental organization on your behalf.

Get more information about the challenges, Student Sustainability Council and the Convervation Project.

Make sure to also follow the Conservation Project (@theconservationprojectcwru) and the Student Sustainability Council (@cwru_ssc) on Instagram to stay updated with the weekly challenges and their upcoming projects and events.