Participate in CWRU imaging research study

The Clinical Neuroscience Laboratory at Case Western Reserve University is enrolling individuals ages 15-50 in a study exploring how the brain processes social situations and how this relates to our experiences of the world around us and our social relationships.

Have you been…

  1. Feeling like you may be able to read minds or have your mind read?
  2. Worrying about being watched or feeling mistrustful of people?
  3. Hearing things that others do not seem to hear?
  4. Seeing shadows or vague figures?
  5. Isolating from peers, friends, or family? 

This study includes:

  1. A 2-4-hour behavioral session that includes questionnaires and interviews with a researcher. ($10/hour)
  2. A 2-hour session that includes a one-hour long brain scan during which you will be asked to do some simple tasks ($50 for the session). 

To learn more about participating, email OR complete the online prescreening survey.