Paid tutoring available through Case STEAM Initiative; international students welcome

The Case STEAM Initiative, in partnership with the David’s Challenge and the City of East Cleveland, is looking for CWRU Students or Alumni for paid tutoring positions over the spring semester at three locations. Flexible days- Mon-Fri, from 3:00-6:00 PM, though once a schedule or days are selected, tutors are expected to stick to them as best as possible. All work will be able to be contracted and handled with David’s Challenge.
Information below, or please inquire via phone number- 703-439-4817,

Dates- Spring Semester, Starting January 8-
Mon-Fri, 3:00-6:00 PM: Three times a week or more preferable.
Pay: $15.00 per hour
Location: Shaw High School, W.H. Kirk Middle School
Grades: 7th-8th Grade at H.W. Kirk, 9th-10th Grade at Shaw.

Subjects of Focus: Math, Reading, Sciences