“Our Global Kitchen” exhibition open at Cleveland Museum of Natural History

Our Global Kitchen:

Global-Kitchen-1200x1200Join us in this special exhibition as we journey through time and across continents to learn, see and even taste how food cultivation and human culture have grown together. The exhibition will be open through Jan. 8.

See how our relationships with food have changed throughout the ages, from viewing ancient cooking and farming artifacts, to strolling through an ancient marketplace, to preparing your own virtual meal. Understand how food played a pivotal role in shaping cultures across the globe and how different cooking techniques we enjoy today evolved in distinct corners of the world. Experience how the intricate processes of bringing food from farm to fork have helped mold those cultures together in a global food economy. Know the social justice and sustainability challenges that this global food economy must face every day, and learn how experts seek to overcome those challenges.

Visit the Cleveland Museum of Natural History for live cooking demonstrations by talented chefs from award-winning Zack Bruell restaurants at 1, 2 and 3 p.m. Saturdays. A new dish inspired by different cultures, cooking techniques and seasonal ingredients is featured every week—all of which you can serve with ease in your own kitchen! Food and ingredients generously donated by Whole Foods Market.

Learn more at cmnh.org/ogk.