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Office of Title IX introduces new website full of resources for the community

During the academic year, the Office of Title IX met with members of the campus community to understand how it could improve communication of the university’s process regarding sexual misconduct and other areas of Title IX.

Those discussions resulted in the university’s new sexual misconduct and Title IX website, which allows members of the campus community and beyond to learn about how the university addresses issues that fall under Title IX.

Students, faculty and staff can access the website to find out more about Title IX, review the sexual misconduct policy and learn more about how to make a report and what happens after the report is filed.

The investigation process is clearly outlined on the site in order to help ease concerns about filing a report and to provide community members with their options. The website also lists campus and community resources and a form for faculty, staff and students to request presentations and training around Title IX.

The new website will serve as a resource for community members refer to when they have any questions or concerns in addition to reaching out to the Office of Title IX.

University community members can access the site at or on the university faculty, staff and student pages.