Office of Multicultural Affairs offers scholarship for underrepresented minority students

The Office of Multicultural Affairs invites underrepresented minority undergraduate and graduate students to apply for the OMA Unity Banquet Scholarship Award.

This award was established to help support the success, retention and college experience of underrepresented students and will be presented during daily videos of the 2021 OMA Unity Banquet and Scholarship Benefit taking place all week from Monday, April 5, to Friday, April 9.

The OMA Unity Banquet Scholarship Award assists students with tuition costs, research, national career-related conference attendance, participation in study abroad or service trips. OMA awards from a pool of $10,000 each spring in recognition of underrepresented students and their achievements. Recipients of the OMA Unity Banquet Scholarship Award must meet the following criteria:

  • Undergraduate or graduate underrepresented minority student (underrepresented minority refers to African American, Latino/a/Hispanic, Native American and Pacific Islander students); and
  • Be in good academic standing.

All applications must be received by no later than Friday, March 5, at 9 a.m.

Apply for the scholarship.