To advance the goal of promoting and recognizing good mentoring practices, faculty members are invited to participate in the Office of Faculty Development’s Mentor Fellows program each year.

Led by Sarah de Swart, director of faculty development, and Joseph Koonce, emeritus professor of biology, the program is a semester-long, seminar-type course in which faculty read and discuss the research literature on mentoring, and learn how to apply those lessons in their own mentoring relationships. This series of seminars is designed to engage faculty to reflect and improve on their own mentoring practices and engage in thoughtful discussions with other faculty members from across the university on how to improve the quality of mentoring.

More than 86 faculty members have participated in the program so far.

The members of this year’s cohort are:

  • Xuan Gao, professor of physics, College of Arts and Sciences;
  • Lydia Kisley, assistant professor of physics, College of Arts and Sciences;
  • Thiago Porto, assistant professor of comprehensive care, School of Dental Medicine;
  • An Wang, assistant professor of electrical engineering, Case School of Engineering;
  • Scott Wilkes, assistant dean of academic affairs and assistant professor, Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences; and
  • Timothy Wutrich, senior instructor of classics, College of Arts and Sciences.

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