October 2020 Ohio Bar Results display leading performance of CWRU law’s students

The October 2020 Ohio Bar Results indicate that Case Western Reserve University’s law graduates performed the best out of the nine Ohio law schools on the recent Ohio Bar exam for first-time takers. Case Western Reserve School of Law graduates had a 94% Bar pass rate (59 out of 63), which is the highest the School of Law has achieved in recent memory.

The results for Ohio law schools are as follows:  

  • No. 1 Case Western Reserve University (94%)
  • No. 2 Ohio State University (93%)
  • No. 3 Capital University (88%)
  • No. 4 Ohio Northern University (86%) 
  • No. 5 (tie) University of Cincinnati (85%)
  • No. 5 (tie) University of Dayton (85%) 
  • No. 6 University of Toledo (84%)
  • No. 7 Cleveland State University (82%)
  • No. 8 University of Akron (74%) 

For all Bar takers (including those who have taken the exam more than once), CWRU School of Law graduates had a pass rate of 91% (60 out of 66), which placed the School of Law in a close second place behind Ohio State. This achievement continues the School of Law’s strong performance among all takers in recent years:

  • October 2020: 2nd place
  • February 2020: 1st place
  • July 2019: 1st place
  • February 2019: 1st place
  • July 2018: 2nd place
  • February 2018: 1st place
  • July 2017: 1st place

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Ohio Bar Exam was postponed from July to October and was administered online.

This summer and fall, CWRU law graduates took the Bar exam in 19 different states.

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