Obtain your BA/BS degree and an MSM-Finance degree

Obtain your BA/BS degree and an MSM-Finance degree in as little as four years in this integrated study program. This program is strongly recommended for BA/BS students (CWRU undergraduates only) who desire to leverage their quantitative and analytical skills developed during their undergraduate studies with specialized skills obtained from a master’s in finance.

This additional preparation will prepare you to make immediate contributions in careers such as:

  • corporate finance
  • investment banking
  • equity research
  • investment management
  • risk management
  • corporate consulting

Admission to the MSM-Finance program is usually based on academic preparation and achievement (undergraduate coursework and GPA), GMAT/GRE or SAT scores, and genuine interest in finance (determined by essay responses, letters of recommendation and interview).

GMAT/GRE scores may be waived if certain requirements are met.
The application fee may also be waived.

Contact Meredith Richardson, 216.368.7586, to find out more about applying to the MSM-Finance program.

As part of the integrated study program, students are required to design a comprehensive study plan with both their Weatherhead undergraduate adviser and the faculty director of the MSM-Finance program.

For more information, visit the MSM-Finance program page or contact Jim Hurley, Assistant Dean of Undergraduate and Integrated Study Programs, at 216.368.3856, or Marybeth Keeler, Program Manager, MSM-Finance, at 216.368.3688.