close images of a person's hands covered with soap bubbles under running water

Nursing’s Shanina Knighton explains the importance of hygiene in the time of coronavirus

Hospital Patients Can do Their Part in COVID-19 Fight

HealthNewsDigest: Shanina Knighton, a clinical nurse scientist at Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing, gave thoughts on the critical role of hygiene during the coronavirus outbreak: “There are decades of research showing that patients know hand hygiene is important but often rely heavily on health-care staff to tell them to practice,” said Knighton, adding that many patients assume hand-hygiene products, such as wall dispensers in hospitals, are meant for health-care workers—not for them—despite recent reports that the highest concentrations of COVID-19 virus were found on the floors, doorknobs, bed rails, trash cans and other high-contact areas: “Patients will come in contact with these surfaces often.”