Nominate an individual for next year’s Inamori Ethics Prize

Nominations are being accepted for next year’s Inamori Ethics Prize, awarded by the Inamori International Center for Ethics and Excellence.

The Inamori Ethics Prize is designed to honor an individual who provides an example of ethical leadership on an international scale or who has made significant and lasting contributions to the global understanding of ethics. The nominee should be a person who has shown or taught others what true ethical leadership is in some significant field or fields of human endeavor. The nominee’s work should urge respect for the dignity and worth of all human beings, and he or she should inspire others to action. His or her efforts must be unquestionably beneficial, be done in the spirit of service to humankind, have international aspects and/or a global reach, and be likely to endure. The nominee must be alive and able to travel to Cleveland for the prize events.

The Inamori Ethics Prize will be presented in the fall of each year at an on-campus ceremony. In addition, the prize recipient will present a lecture to the public and there will be an academic symposium exploring issues related to the recipient’s humanitarian work. The recipient also will receive a commemorative medal and a cash prize.

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