Nominate a faculty member for the Frank and Dorothy Humel Hovorka Prize

Faculty and staff members are encouraged to nominate faculty members—active or emeritus—for the 2012 Frank and Dorothy Humel Hovorka Prize, to be presented at commencement in May. Dorothy Humel Hovorka established the prize in 1994 to recognize exceptional achievements by faculty members in teaching, research and scholarly service.

Nominations should be submitted to Lois Langell no later than March 21. A two- to three-page nomination letter, along with the nominee’s CV or other biographic description, is requested. The recipient is selected on the recommendation of a committee consisting of previous recipients. Nominations remain active for two years.

Previous recipients of the Hovorka Prize are:

  • Frederick C. Robbins
  • Ernest B. Yeager
  • Marie R. Haug
  • David D. Van Tassel
  • Eric Baer
  • Arthur Steinberg
  • Cynthia M. Beall
  • Richard Hanson
  • Herman D. Stein
  • Simon Ostrach
  • May L. Wykle
  • Mihajlo D. Mesarovic
  • Amasa B. Ford
  • John H. Kennell
  • Nathan A. Berger
  • Arthur H. Heuer
  • P. Hunter Peckham
  • Robert Binstock
  • John Angus