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New to CWRU: Why having your CWRU ID handy is so important

Stepping onto campus for the first time as a Case Western Reserve University student is exciting as you consider your future, what knowledge you will gain here and who you will form friendships with along the way.

But there are plenty of uncertainties, too. Even the most basic everyday activities—such as grabbing a bite to eat or doing your laundry—will look different from your life at home. To help new students find their footing, The Daily teamed up with some of the university’s orientation leaders to hear their advice on what new Spartans should know. Each day this week, we’ll share some of their tips to help new students to feel more prepared as classes start next week.

Up first: Always, always, always have your CWRU ID on you. Keeping it on a lanyard, in your wallet or on your phone are a few of the easier ways to be sure to have your card with you at all times.

Your CWRU ID grants you access to a few obvious places: residence halls, dining halls, recreation facilities and other campus buildings. You may also use your CWRU ID to pick up packages, access buildings at night, buy items at a vending machine and use the WEPA printing kiosks.

Even if you’re just stepping out of your room to go take a shower, it’s a good idea to bring your ID with you to keep you from getting locked out of your room—and having to track down an RA while wrapped in a towel.

“I think I got locked out of my dorm at least 17 times the first week,” Sedona Jolly, a second-year economics major, said. “The doors close automatically in the first-year residence halls.”

Did you know your CWRU ID also can be helpful off campus? It can be your ticket to Cleveland’s public transportation system, the RTA, and local museums.

Another important time to make sure you have your ID? When returning to campus from a visit or break at home.

“As far as times that you don’t want to forget your ID go, moving back to campus is definitely one of them,” said Angela Howell, a third-year student double majoring in theater and classics. “Your keys do not do you any good if they’re sitting on your kitchen counter back home. Make sure you remember them when you come back to campus.”

What should you do if you lose your ID? First, make sure to deactivate it on the CaseOneCard website. For assistance deactivating your card, call Access Services at 216.368.2273. On weekends, holidays and after hours, call security at 216.368.3333. Deactivating your card means no one else will be able to use it.

If it’s been stolen, a replacement may be free—depending on the circumstances—after you’ve filed a police report. Otherwise, a replacement for a lost card costs $25 (CaseCash, cash, check, Discover, MasterCard, or Visa).

A temporary replacement also may be issued at Wade and Fribley Area Offices so that you are still able to access your residence hall and meal plan.

Get more details about your CWRU ID. And be sure to take part in Discover Week activities!

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