New rules added to Humans vs. Zombies game

Due to concerns about the safety of the entire university community, changes and precautions will be taken during the remainder the Humans vs. Zombies (HvZ) fall 2015 game.

The following items now are banned:

  • Blasters that are not their original color, including any alterations with paint or Sharpies (even if they previously were approved)
  • Holsters (including official Nerf brand)
  • Tactical gear/outfits
  • Black PVC pipes
  • Black tape wrapped around magazines and/or blasters

The following areas now are out of bounds:

  • The Wade Lagoon/art museum side of East Boulevard
  • Cedar Hill
  • Sidewalk along Edgehill and Overlook roads
  • MLK bus stop/Cedar-University Transit Station

A boundary map is available online.

The following rules also will be in place:

  • Concealing your face is not allowed (including masks, ski masks, goggles, bandanas, face paint, etc.)
  • Blasters must be in plain sight and fully visible from a distance at all times while in bounds
  • When you are out of bounds, all Nerf blasters must be stored completely out of sight

Participants who don’t adhere to these rules will be subject to infractions, which could result in removal from current and future games.

Those who notice rules violations can contact a core member of HvZ by emailing

Participants in the game must cooperate fully with any police or security officers who approach them about the game.

For more information about HvZ, visit