New report available on students’ academic experiences at CWRU

The Office of Planning and Institutional Research has released 13 new reports about the first-year experience at Case Western Reserve.

One report provides information about the academic experiences of 2012-13 first-year students. Results indicate that 79 percent of students said it was easy to understand what their professors expected of them academically. Most students agreed that:

  • Faculty believe in their potential to succeed academically (84 percent)
  • Faculty empower them to learn (82 percent)
  • Faculty encourage students to meet with them outside of class (80 percent)
  • At least one faculty member had taken an interest in their development (80 percent)

Additionally, most 2012-13 first-year students were satisfied with the following:

  • Overall academic experience (82 percent)
  • Overall quality of instruction (80 percent)
  • General education/core curriculum (79 percent)
  • Library facilities (79 percent)
  • Overall college experience (76 percent)
  • Interaction with other students (75 percent)
  • Classroom facilities (71 percent)

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