New report on student diversity at Case Western Reserve University

The Office of Planning and Institutional Research has released 13 new reports about the first-year experience at Case Western Reserve University. One report looks specifically at diversity, including cross-racial interactions and self-perceived attributes and abilities. Results indicate that 89 percent of students agreed their experience at Case Western Reserve had exposed them to diverse opinions, cultures and values.

The vast majority of students interacted with students of a racial/ethnic group other than their own in the following ways:

  • Dined or shared a meal (95 percent)
  • Studied or prepared for class (92 percent)
  • Had intellectual discussions outside of class (91 percent)
  • Socialized or partied (87 percent)
  • Shared personal feelings and problems (82 percent)

Additionally, most students were satisfied with the respect for the expression of diverse beliefs at Case Western Reserve (98 percent). Fewer were satisfied with the racial and ethnic diversity of the student body (63 percent) and the faculty (53 percent).

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