New recycling and landfill bin stations were placed throughout campus

During Case Western Reserve University’s winter break, 1,200 new recycling and landfill bin stations were placed throughout campus.

Photo of a recycling bin and trash bin standing side-by-side on campus

Three major goals were achieved through this project. First, waste stations will now be consistent throughout most of campus. Second, most campus trash bins will have a recycling bin connected, enabling members of the campus community and guests the opportunity to properly sort their waste. And finally, the campus has transitioned to largely mixed recycling, allowing for all types of recyclables to be placed in one bin.

This transition comes at a time when what is able to be recycled has also changed. Individuals should place the following items in the recycling bin: 

  • Paper and paperboard (cracker/cereal box-type);
  • Metal cans;
  • Glass bottles and jars; and 
  • Plastic bottles and jugs. 

Corrugated cardboard—like shipping boxes—should be flattened and placed between the new bins. Anything else, including disposable drink cups and to-go food containers, should be placed in the trash bin. 

The new recycling bins were purchased for the campus with the assistance of a generous $50,000 grant from the Ohio EPA, which spurred the project forward. Additional funding from the Campus Planning and Facilities Services division purchased waste bins and additional recycling bins, and allowed for the project to be campuswide. 

Finally, in areas of campus where large volumes of paper are collected, the paper-only rollcarts will be maintained for separate collection. Do not place anything other than paper in these carts. 

While the Office of Energy & Sustainability has worked diligently to ensure best placement of the new waste stations, bin numbers and placement are expected to be adjusted over the coming weeks and months.

The office welcomes friendly suggestions and questions emailed to

Learn more about how to recycle right on the Office of Energy & Sustainability’s website.