Close-up photo of pizza from pizza ATM in Sears think[box]Bon Appetit Management Co. now offers a unique dining option: a pizza ATM in the Larry Sears and Sally Zlotnick Sears think[box]. It is among the first pizza ATMs in the country.

The pizzas are made each day by Bon Appetit Management Co. chefs in one of the company’s nearby kitchens and then transported to Sears think[box]. There, each pizza is placed in specially designed boxed that allows the pizza to be transferred to the oven section of the machine upon order.

A digital screen will display all of the day’s options. After ordering, it takes three minutes for the pizza to be cooked and delivered through a slot at the front of the machine.

Once ordered, the pizza is cooked for three minutes and delivered through a slot at the front of the machine

A loyalty program offers a free pizza after five have been purchased.

The pizza ATM is open during Sears think[box] hours and accepts CaseCash and credit card.