New opportunity for philosophy students

Would you like to graduate with a BA and an MA?

The new MA in Military Ethics is now open to undergraduate CWRU students in Philosophy. Consider enrolling in the IGS program to earn your MA while you complete your undergraduate degree!

The Military Ethics Master’s Degree curriculum is interdisciplinary with a foundation in moral and political philosophy, international relations, and international law. Each student will complete a minimum of 30 credit hours, studying foundational topics in moral and political philosophy, along with advanced and elective topics in such areas as professional ethics, military medical ethics, military law, ethical leadership, and other related subjects, religious studies, history, literature, journalism, political science, classics, and the arts.

Military Ethics dates back thousands of years and addresses such questions as:

  • When, if ever, it is just to take a nation to war?
  • Are certain weapons or tactics always unethical?
  • What does society owe its combat troops and veterans?
  • How does moral injury occur in war and how should it be addressed?
  • How can war crimes and atrocities be prevented?

There are five required Philosophy courses for the MA:

  • PHIL 405 – Ethics
  • PHIL 417 – War and Morality
  • PHIL 436 – Military Ethics, the Military Profession, and International Law
  • PHIL 485 – Philosophy and Public Policy
  • PHIL 501 – Capstone (6 credit hours)

As well as four electives courses that can be taken across different disciplines in the College of Arts and Sciences and the School of Law.

Contact or visit the website to find out more about applying to the IGS-MA program in Military Ethics.