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#EveryoneWins: New initiative launches to encourage completion of daily health attestations

One click could get you a gift.

#EveryoneWins, a university effort to encourage completion of daily health attestations, starts Monday, Oct. 5. 

Each week, faculty, staff and students who complete the attestation form for five consecutive days will be entered into a drawing for gift baskets—and two from each group will receive them.

“The daily attestations represent a key part of our efforts to keep the campus health,” said Dominic Parisi, an assistant director in Human Resources who has helped lead the return-to-campus orientation process for faculty and staff. “They provide early indications of potential trends, and can allow for quicker interventions from our health services staff.”

While the summer launch of daily emails significantly grew regular attestation participation, Parisi and his colleagues thought additional incentives could increase completions still more. The Office of Procurement and Distribution Services offered to pitch in prizes typically shared at the annual vendor fair (canceled this year because of the pandemic), and the campaign was born.

Those not coming to campus during the week—including students learning remotely—can maintain eligibility simply by clicking “No” in response to the form’s first question: “Are you planning to visit campus on [today’s date]?” For those who answer “Yes,” the form includes just three more yes/no questions.

Each week two faculty members, two staff, and two students will receive gift baskets. Notifications will arrive on the Monday following the completed week.