New editions, articles by Distinguished University Professor Paul Giannelli released

Paul C. Giannelli, Distinguished University Professor and the Albert J. Weatherhead III & Richard W. Weatherhead Professor of Law, recently had several works published.

New editions were released of: Scientific Evidence, Understanding Evidence, Ohio Juvenile Law, Ohio Evidence Handbook, Ohio Criminal Laws and Rules and Forensic Identification Science.

In addition, he provided supplements to Courtroom Criminal Evidence and Baldwin’s Ohio Practice, Evidence.

Giannelli also had multiple articles published, including “Confrontation, Experts and Rule” in Journal of Law & Policy; “Forensic Experts and Ineffective Assistance of Counsel” and “The 2009 NAS Forensic Science Report: A Literature Review” in Criminal Law Bulletin; and “Government Interference,” “The Confrontation Clause and Experts,” “The N.C. Crime Lab Scandal” and “Ineffective Assistance of Counsel and Experts Testimony” in Criminal Justice.