National Postdoc Appreciation Week is Sept. 21-25

What is a postdoc? A postdoc is a temporary position that allows a recent Ph.D. graduate to continue training as a researcher under an established faculty to gain additional skills and experience needed to become an independent researcher, including designing experiments, writing papers and grants, and mentoring students. Case Western Reserve University has approximately 200 active postdocs. Current postdocs, have contributed to at least 131 publications in peer-reviewed journals, hold 27 research grants, and volunteer in various ways around campus. Apart from research duties, postdocs have also successfully mentored at least 163 students. CWRU has a vibrant Postdoctoral Association (CWRU-PDA) which oversees various committees for improving both the skills and quality of life of postdocs here at CWRU, including Professional Development, Social, Public Relations, Visas and Immigration, Graduate studies, PDA Benefits and Women’s Affairs. Diana S. Fox is the Director, Postdoctoral Affairs and is responsible for postdoc appointments, benefits and other issues that pertain to the association. 

The National Postdoc Appreciation Week this year is being celebrated at CWRU from Sept 21- Sept 25, 2020. Please take a moment to recognize the contribution of the postdocs in your life this week!

P.S: All data from the responses to a recent questionnaire (51 postdocs participated).