National Postdoc Appreciation Week

Case Western Reserve University is grateful for the dedication, resilience and innovation of our postdoctoral scholars and fellows. National Postdoc Appreciation Week is Sept. 18–22. Members of the university community are invited to help the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs recognize, support and celebrate postdoctoral researchers on campus.

Postdocs are encouraged to participate in several events planned for them next week:

Postdocs can stop by the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs (Tomlinson Hall, Room 215) to grab a free water bottle or tote bag during the week. 

For every event during National Postdoc Appreciation Week postdocs attend, they will be entered into a drawing to win an iPad (sponsored by Proteintech).

Kudos for postdocs

  • “Research in our lab wouldn’t happen without the leadership and expertise postdocs provide. They are the professionals driving the science at the bench, leading discussions in the office, and mentoring graduate students and undergraduates on a day-to-day basis. I’m very thankful to work with postdocs Dr. Chatterjee, Dr. Kramer, Dr. Liu, and Dr. Pfaffenberger in my own group!” – Lydia Kisley, physics
  • “Our postdocs are the unsung heroes in the university. They function as mentors, collaborators and researchers. They not only propel research on campus but also ignite inspiration within the upcoming generation of scientists.” – Ya-Ting Liao, mechanical and aerospace engineering
  • “Postdoctoral fellows have been essential to my research for the last 30 years. My current postdoc, Dr. Bury, performs science independently at a high level. He is an outstanding mentor to all types of trainees, from high school college and graduate students.” – Tony Wynshaw-Boris, genetics
  • “Our Postdoc, Jody Kunk-Czaplicki is a phenomenal scholar who has done a great deal to support us in preparation for the 20th anniversary of the Mather Center, while also producing her own excellent scholarship on advocacy and the experiences of staff members on college campuses. In addition to her strong academic work, Jody’s genuine care for all of her colleagues brings a warmth to our office that we all appreciate.” – Hannah Regan, Mather Center