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Naked Money—Personal Financial Education for Students: “Like Money? 3 Ways Young Investors Can Create Personal Wealth”

University Health & Counseling Services will offer a new series titled “Naked Money—Personal Financial Education for Students.” This series will meet Tuesdays April 3–17 from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. in Kelvin Smith Library, Room 215.

The first session, titled “Like Money? 3 Ways Young Investors Can Create Personal Wealth,” will cover budgeting, compound interest and simple investment strategies. It will be held April 3.

The series will continue April 10 with a talk titled “Taking Control of Your Student Loans.” It will address different types of loans, how much debt you should take and repayment options.

The final session, held April 17, is titled “A Very important Number in Your Life: Your Credit Score.” This session will cover what your credit score means, things that change your credit score and how to best build a credit score.

William Mahnic, associate professor of banking and finance, will lead all three sessions.

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