Photo of Susann Brady-Kalnay
Susann Brady-Kalnay

Multidisciplinary team of researchers earn JobsOhio grant

A team of Case Western Reserve University researchers led by Susann Brady-Kalnay, a professor of molecular biology and microbiology, neurosciences and pathology, received a 2022 JobsOhio grant for their work, “Translation of New Detection Technologies.”

The team, which includes the Department of Physics’ Robert Brown and Robert Deissler, is working to develop a detector for malaria and cancer biomarker testing to, ideally, create an affordable tool that could be used in drug stores or low- to middle-income country clinics for early and rapid diagnosis.

Using cell-capturing properties, it can further be used as a device to isolate and molecularly analyze tumor cells at research clinics for personalized medicine, the researchers said.

View the design of the detector for malaria and cancer biomarker testing.