More than 15 students honored at Intersections: SOURCE Symposium

At the Intersections: SOURCE Symposium and Poster Session April 19, 17 students were honored for their oral and poster presentations.

Those awarded were:

Humanities Oral Presentations

1st: Anthony Castellaneta, “Philosophy of Mathematics in Ancient Indian Philosophies.” Faculty mentor: Deepak Sarma, religious studies.

Natural Sciences Oral Presentations

1st: Ryan Puccia, “Improving the Potency of a Transcription Factor Controlling Sex Development.” Faculty mentor: Michael Weiss, biochemistry.

Engineering Oral Presentations

1st: John Edelbrock,Controlled release of genetically engineered epidermal growth factor from poly(ethylene glycol methacrylate) hydrogels in response to matrix metalloproteinases.” Faculty mentor: Jonathan Pokorski, macromolecular science and engineering.

2nd: Elena Stachew, “Development and Evaluation of Accelerated PV Wire Testing.” Faculty mentor: Roger French, material sciences and engineering.

Management Oral Presentations

1st: Morgan Bulger, “The Business of Food: Towards a More Sustainable Food Supply Network.” Faculty mentor: Bonnie Richley, organizational behavior.

Natural Sciences Poster Presentations

1st: Anouva Kalra-Lall,Design of an Ultra-Long Acting Insulin: Structural Design Principles Applied to Protein Therapeutics.” Faculty mentor: Michael Weiss, biochemistry.

(Tie) 2nd: Grace Eder, “Azadipyrromenthene Copolymers for Applications in Organic Photovoltaic Cells.” Faculty mentor: Genevieve Sauve, chemistry.

(Tie) 2nd: Divya Indrakanti, David Jones and Ronald Leibach, “Turning movements associated with stalk and attack of the praying mantis.” Faculty mentor: Roy Ritzmann, biology.

Social Sciences Poster Presentations

1st: Andrea Fidler, “The Relationship Between Family Expressiveness, Ethnicity, and Psychological Help Seeking Attitudes.” Faculty mentor: Amy Przeworski, psychological sciences.

2nd: Jared Friedman, “Are you sure you don’t believe in God? Divergent relationships between dogmatism and moral concern in the religious and non-religious.” Faculty mentor: Anthony Jack, cognitive science.

Engineering Poster Presentations

1st: Alaina Strickler, “Arresting Dendritic Growth During Electrodeposition Using Additives.” Faculty mentor: Uziel Landau, chemical engineering.

(Tie) 2nd: Aaron Mayer, “Development and Analysis of Novel Iron Oxide Nanoparticles for Cancer Therapy and Imaging.” Faculty mentor: Efstathios Karathanasis, biomedical engineering.

(Tie) 2nd: Ian Kidd, “Object Dependent Properties of Mirrors for PV Applications Studied Under Accelerated Weathering Protocols.” Faculty mentor: Roger French, materials science and engineering.

Nursing Poster Presentations

1st: Kathryn D’Angelo, “The Voices of Gratitude.” Faculty mentor: Maryjo Prince-Paul, nursing.

2nd: Grant Pignatiello, “Assessing Patient Exposure to Transport.” Faculty mentor: Andrew Reimer, nursing.