More details on The Tuition Exchange program now available online

Faculty and staff who want to learn more about Case Western Reserve’s new collaboration with The Tuition Exchange can find information on the university’s financial aid website,, or directly through this link. The program provides financial assistance to select students who are dependents of employees at participating institutions of higher education.

Representatives of the university’s offices of enrollment management and human resources presented details of the plan to the Faculty Senate Wednesday and held an open meeting Thursday morning. The new webpage includes a program overview as well as application and eligibility forms available for download.

The Tuition Exchange includes more than 600 colleges and universities, among them Butler, Smith, the University of Florida and the University of Southern California. Case Western Reserve has agreed to a four-year pilot program with the expectation that the program will be budget neutral—that is, between the students we accept and those participating institutions enroll, the university would face no additional cost burdens. University leaders will assess the initiative throughout to determine its appeal to members of the university community as well as its financial impact.