Female Artist Works on Abstract Oil Painting, Moving Paint Brush Energetically She Creates Modern Masterpiece. Dark Creative Studio where Large Canvas Stands on Easel Illuminated. Low Angle Close-up

MORE Center’s Ina Martin discussed the works of Henry Martin

Why I’m obsessed with these cheap paintings of Paris 

Photo of Ina Martin

Vox:  Ina Martin, science director of the Materials for Opto/electronics Research and Education Center, and Michael Hinczewski, the Warren E. Rupp Associate Professor of Physics, worked with a reporter to try to solve a mystery of prolific, but elusive, painter Henry (or Henri) Martin, whose name appears on many Paris street scene paintings. Martin and Hinczewski have worked with Kenneth Singer, the Ambrose Swasey Professor of Physics, and Elizabeth Bolman, the Elsie B. Smith Professor in the Liberal Arts and chair of Art History, on an ongoing project to detect the hand of painters using novel artificial intelligence techniques. (CWRU segment begins around 6:40 in the report).