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“Montaña de Luz: Transforming HIV/AIDS Care in Honduras”

The Social Justice Institute invites the Case Western Reserve University community to a talk titled “Montaña de Luz: Transforming HIV/AIDS Care in Honduras” Friday, Nov. 9, from 12:45 to 2 p.m. in Tinkham Veale University Center ballroom.

Montaña de Luz began as a hospice for children in Honduras, home to 60 percent of the people living with HIV/AIDS in Central America. Today, thanks to the availability of anti-retroviral medications and new treatment philosophies, the “mountain of light” is transforming from an orphanage to a family-based model of HIV care.

By reducing the barriers of health literacy, stigma, transportation and medical co-pays, children remain at home to live healthy, happy lives—at a fifth of the cost of a traditional orphanage system.

In addition, Montaña de Luz is committed to leading systemic changes in the community—the reintegration and reunification of families, increasing adherence by impacted children and adults to medication regimens, and centering local Honduran voices to determine the organization’s future.

Join Anna Jackson, Montaña de Luz board member, Courtney Bosca, co-founder of Youth Across Borders, and Devin Quinn, vice president of Youth Across Borders, to discuss this cutting-edge model for transforming care and to be inspired by their unique vision of health justice work.

Learn about opportunities for in-country research, assisting with the creation of best practice models, and volunteering at home and abroad.

This event is free and open to the community. A light lunch will be served.

Email to reserve your spot.

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