Modern Languages and Literatures’ Linda Ehrlich guest curates film series in Texas

Linda EhrlichLinda Ehrlich, associate professor of Japanese, is guest curator of the film series to accompany the “Where Rivers Meet” theatrical event in San Antonio, Austin and Houston.

The event is a performance and educational project featuring Japanese theater art (Noh theatre, the play Sumidagawa) and a Benjamin Britten opera, Curlew River, based on that Japanese Noh play. The project aims to bring together international and local Texas artists.

Ehrlich wrote introductory comments for the films Late Spring (Ozu) and The Men Who Tread on the Tigers’ Tail (Kurosawa), which were shown Sunday, Oct. 25. She also will give a guest lecture on filmmaker Jean Renoir prior to a showing of his film, The River, tonight at the symposium dinner.

Ehrlich also was invited to read her poetry at a special event during the festival, involving Texas’s Poet Laureate and other area poets. She will present at the “Rivers of Words” poetry session this afternoon.

In addition, she served as a consultant to San Antonio’s McNay Museum of Art on the film series to accompany their special exhibition Miró: The Experience of Seeing (organized by the Reina Sofia in Madrid).

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