#MeToo: Memory, Sexual Assault, and Trauma-Related Outcomes on Campus

Do you identify as a woman? If so, we need your help to understand and destigmatize the narratives of sexual assault survivors.

We are looking for self-identified women at CWRU (undergraduate, graduate, and professional students) to participate in a longitudinal study. We are studying memory processing in college-aged women who HAVE or HAVE NOT experienced unwanted sexual encounters.

To participate, you must: 

  • be a student at CWRU 
  • identify as a woman
  • be between the ages of 18 and 65
  • be fluent in English
  • have typical or corrected hearing and vision

All information disclosed in the study is CONFIDENTIAL. If you are interested in participating or more information, please contact the study team at the PTSD Research and Treatment Program in the Department of Psychological Sciences:

Daytime phone: 216-250-1358
Email: metoostudy@case.edu