Trygve Dolber

Medicine’s Trygve Dolber discusses the link between mental and physical wellness on podcast

Trygve Dolber, assistant professor of psychiatry and internal medicine at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, discussed the link between mental health, diabetes, and heart disease on Cardi-OH Radio’s podcast, “The Heart-Mind-Body Connection: Mental Health and Cardiometabolic Conditions.”

On the podcast, Dolber gave tips on ways to talk to patients about their mental health, recognize mental illnesses symptoms, and improve patient outcomes. 

Case Western Reserve University is the lead institution for the Ohio Cardiovascular & Diabetes Health Collaborative (Cardi-OH). Cardi-OH is a statewide initiative of health care professionals at Ohio’s seven medical schools who share knowledge to improve Medicaid patient outcomes and eliminate health disparities across Ohio.

Listen to the podcast.