Medical professional helping patient test their own sugar level
Young male doctor doing a blood sugar test on a mature patient.

Medicine’s Colin Crowe highlights community-based health initiative as a key factor in improving access to social services for patients with diabetes

Colin Crowe, assistant professor at the School of Medicine, co-wrote an article discussing the importance of a Pathways Community HUB model referral in addressing the social needs of diabetic patients. The article was featured in a Capsule publication from the Ohio Cardiovascular & Diabetes Health Collaborative (Cardi-OH) in December 2021. 

In their article, Crowe and colleagues explain how inadequate access to social services in patients with diabetes poses a threat to patients’ health and treatment of their condition. Physicians can prescribe the Pathways Community HUB model to ensure patients receive adequate food, housing, and transportation.

Read “Connecting Patients with Diabetes to Pathways Community HUBs to Address Social Needs.”