Photo of Elizabeth Meckes standing in front of igloo
Elizabeth Meckes, associate professor of mathematics, at Banff International Research Station in Alberta, Canada, where math workshops are held throughout the year.

Mathematics’ Elizabeth Meckes remembered for her “brilliance and generosity of the heart” in memorial tribute

Elizabeth Meckes, professor of mathematics who lost her battle with colon cancer in December 2020, was recognized in a memorial tribute published in the Notices of the American Mathematical Society, “Brilliance and Generosity of the Heart: Elizabeth Meckes (1980-2020).” 

Della Dumbaugh, professor of mathematics at University of Richmond, recognized Elizabeth’s professional accomplishments, talents, and personal impact on students in her memorial article. Della acknowledges Elizabeth’s contributions to the field of mathematics and her identity as a prominent female mathematician, and describes her as someone who “liv(ed) her life with ‘brilliance and generosity of the heart’.”

Elizabeth is survived by her husband, Mark Meckes, who made contributions to Elizabeth’s memorial article. 

Read “Brilliance and Generosity of the Heart.”