Mann Child Policy Externship Capstone Presentations

The Schubert Center for Child Studies invites the campus community to the Mann Child Policy Externship Capstone Presentations.

Attendees will hear from undergraduate students Naveena Bontha and Zoe Nguyen as they present their capstone projects based on their semester’s work as part of the Mann Child Policy Externship program.

The program gives students an opportunity to work directly with professionals who design and implement policies that impact the lives of children and families.

Naveena Bontha, whose capstone placement was at the Ohio Office of the Public Defender, will present “Thematic Analysis to Identify Negative Tropes and Biases Weaponized Against Children in News Coverage and Social Media Discourse of Juvenile Crime” Thursday, May 6, from 10 to 11 a.m.

Zoe Nguyen, whose placement was at the Louisiana Center for Children’s Rights, will present “The Role of Arts Advocacy in Humanizing the Dehumanized” Friday, May 7, from 2 to 3 p.m.

Email the Schubert Center at for the links to the Zoom presentations.

Applications are now being accepted for the fall 2021 Mann Child Policy Externship Program.