Mandel School experts part of program receiving statewide award

The Ohio State Bar Foundation will recognize the efforts of the Fugitive Safety Surrender program with the “Outstanding Program Award” during a reception Nov. 4 in Columbus. Violence prevention experts at the Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences, including Daniel Flannery, the Dr. Semi J. and Ruth Begun Professor and director of the Begun Center for Violence Prevention, have been involved with the program since it began in 2005.

Started by the U.S. Marshals Service, Fugitive Safe Surrender, now funded privately by the Miller Foundation with support from Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine, offers individuals with felony and misdemeanor warrants the ability to turn themselves in and have their cases adjudicated in a safe and non-violent environment. Multi-day surrender “events” take place in major cities around the country, and Cleveland, in particular, has had great success with the program. In fall 2010, a national record of 7,431 people surrendered in Cleveland.

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