Mandel School Centennial Speaker Series continues March 18 with cultural competency topic

Cultural Competency flyer
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The Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences will continue its Centennial Speaker Series with research colloquia Friday, March 18, from 3 to 5 p.m. in the Mandel Community Studies Center, Room 115.

The event will feature talks from two alumni on the colloquia’s topic “Cultural Competency: Training and Program Evaluation.”

Vivian Jackson (GRS ’08, social welfare), assistant professor at the National Center for Cultural Competence at Georgetown University’s Center for Child and Human Development and the National Technical Assistance Center for Children’s Mental Health, will present “Planning, Implementing and Evaluating Cultural Linguistic Competency for Comprehensive Community Mental Health Services for Children and Families.”

Toby Martin (CWR ’96; SAS ’98; GRS ’07, social welfare), PhD, senior research scientist in The Evaluators’ Institute at George Washington University, will present “Cultural Considerations in Planning and Implementing Program Evaluations.”

A reception will follow the event.

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